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From Department Head

From Department Head

Industrial Engineering, manufacturing and service sectors, most efficient, lowest cost to operate quality systems design, development and management of human, machine, material, energy and information resources, using the best available scientific methods to develop and implement. For this purpose, Industrial Engineering education in operations research, statistics, simulation, production planning and management core courses around students system approach to teamwork predisposition, inquiry and to make comparisons, an analytical perspective, problem identification and solving, mathematical modeling, computer based information technology effectively to use, most important of all "continuous monitoring of changes" gives the properties. 

Engineers often work in organizations engaged in the manufacturing industry, despite the increase in recent years; health, banking, insurance, finance, information technology, communications, logistics, service or service systems as well as can be employed. Competition in the industry assumed an important role in the creation of systems of Industrial Engineers; production planning engineer, product development specialist, purchasing engineer, business analyst, bank supervisors, project managers, process engineers, such as ordering and logistics engineers can find jobs in positions. 

In 1977, the Department of Management Science and Engineering was established under the name, Sakarya University since 1982 under the name of Department of Industrial Engineering Education / Research & Development activity continues. 37 years knowledge and experience of our department in 2014 as having five professors, five associate professors, 16 Asst. Professors, 1 Lecturer, 16 research assistants and serves two experts. 

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK) is accredited by the department already "I. and II. Undergraduate Programs”, “Industrial Engineering, Distance e-Engineering Management, Distance e-Quality Management with Master”, “Industrial Engineering and Doctorate” education programs within the framework of the education of more than 1300 students are devoted to be good industrial engineers.

In order to give our students the ability to use the necessary technical and advanced tools to solve the problems, there are 4 laboratories and various equipments supporting them, and new laboratories are planned to be established in the near future. Students are expected to spend 16 weeks of Fall or Spring Semester of 4th Grade by doing projects in companies within the scope of UMDE (Applied Engineering Experience) Program in order to gain work experience and prepare for business life prior to graduation. Participation in UMDE Program increases our students' opportunities to find jobs in companies.

Our department of Industrial Engineering in Turkey in the field of higher education "time and space independent of the formal education of educational technology that blends in with the design of hybrid teaching model" is proud to be the first to implement section. Sakarya University, Department of Industrial Engineering, knitting and mixed education degree programs as well as Industrial Engineering Master's and Doctoral Programs and Engineering Management and Quality Management Distance Education Master's Degree programs successfully engages. 

Department of Industrial Engineering as a family this rich our staff of 37 plus years of knowledge and experience, by bringing industry and business solutions to the problems that can produce, self-confident, innovative, following the developments which, analytical thinking, interdisciplinary studies prone, professional ethics without compromising their own identity and Industry aims to educate engineers, "Your success will be our success" belief, 

I wish you success in your work. 

Prof. Dr. Cemalettin KUBAT