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About Internship Exam
Students who do not choose the internship course will not be able to take the internship exam. Internship exams will be held on the announced dates. Internship exam will come with an internship book. On the first page of the internship book, the student photo, the dean's seal and the stamp and the signature of the internship company must be found. In addition, every page of the internship book must be signed and stamped. This stamp may be the stamp of the staff, department manager or company manager who takes care of you in the company. Before coming to the internship exam, make sure that there are no deficiencies in these issues in your internship book.
Internship Commission Contact
Internship information and paperwork will be held on Fridays and interviews will be conducted with the commissioner of that week (between 13:00 and 16:00). The weekly staff schedule is presented to your attention in the attachment. The internship exams of all graduated students and graduates (who have not had any other courses except for internship) will be held on the specified days provided by the relevant faculty members by appointment by e-mail one week before.
Internship Information Presentation
You can access the internship information presentation from the relevant file attached.
Internship Guide
You can access the internship guide from the attached file.
Internships book
You can access the internship book in pdf format from the attached file.
You can access the internship guide from the attached file.
Internship Tracking Automation
You can query your internships according to your student number here.